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Horse India are proud to introduce...

"The Marwari"

Bespoke Rocking Horse

Photographs by Kyle Stevenson for Horse India 2018

"The Marwari"

Bespoke Rocking Horse

Based on, and in honour of, the legendary Marwari stallion ‘ Alibaba ’. Champion of Champions, the ultimate Marwari and 'dancing horse’, owned by the late Rao Jodh Singh Narlai, together they were revered all over India for their professionalism, showmanship and special partnership.

Indigenous to Rajasthan, the Marwari horse breed takes its name from the region of Jodhpur, Udaipur and the Thar desert of North West India.

Marwari breed features are its unique delicate lyre shaped ears that rotate 180* and touch at the tip.

Standing 15hh – 16hh, Marwari are loyal, brave and spirited.

Historically they were the war horse of choice for the Rajput warriors of Rajasthan. Today the Marwari represents

Tradition ~ culture ~ heritage ~ legacy

Marwari breed horses have been on the Indian government restricted list for export since 2000 - there are currently a handful privately owned both in USA and Europe, find out more about the Marwari horse breed here .

*For a thrill of a lifetime ~  join us on a horse safari and ride Marwari in their homeland of Rajasthan, India.

*For a lifetime of thrills ~ purchase 'The Marwarirocking horse from HORSE INDIA,  please contact us.

For Sale

Bespoke Rocking Horse

'The Marwari' is available in a choice of two sizes: large 4ft (child) or extra large 5ft (adult), individually made to any horse colour and with markings of your choice, and can be shipped worldwide.

The Marwari’ is hand crafted in the U.K. exclusively for HORSE INDIA, by the renowned Stevenson Bros, using seasoned British oak hardwood, and is traditionally dressed with handmade beaded bridlework & brass saddlery items from India.

The Marwari’ has all the special breed features including the lyre shaped ears as well as  hair whorls (bhavri and devman), deemed auspicious by the Indian horse community as symbols of good luck & prosperity, and also has a secret lockable compartment for storing important documents such as marriage or birth certificates, Wills, jewellery etc.

This beautiful iconic heirloom, skillfully hand carved by craftsmen, will bring endless hours of delight to any household, for both children and adults, and it is a unique and ideal wedding gift; bringing tradition and auspicious good wishes to the happy couple and their future children.

'The Marwari' can be passed down through generations, and will stand proudly in your family home to honour your ancestors history and memory. Order yours now!

Lgendary Marwari Stallion Alibaba and Rao Jodh Singh
Alibaba Face
Alibaba Procession
Indian horse and rider

Price on application

To place your order, for further details, or for a no obligation enquiry, please Contact Us 

order now ~ export and shipping worldwide! 

Marwari Stallion 'ALIBABA' and The Late Rao Jodh Singh

Photograph by Dale Durfee

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