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Welcome ~ Horse India aims to give you a holiday to remember, to ensure that through our safaris you

have the opportunity to experience the passion we hold for the Marwari horse and Rajasthan.

We want to share with you the thrill of riding the unique and spirited Marwari.

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Safari Leader

About Us

Horse India is a combination of talents and over 19 years involvement with Marwari horses and horse safaris in Rajasthan. Horse India offers an exciting and informative horse safari experience, combining history, tradition and culture through our knowledge of the landscape, its people and, of course, its unique indigenous Marwari horses.

Endurance 81km Dundlod

Dr Rao Ajeet Singh


Inheriting a love and knowledge of Marwari horses from his Father (a well respected horseman, the Late Jodh Singh), as well as the legacy of a stable consisting of bloodlines from the family Marwari horse stud, Ajeet has embraced the opportunity to make the horses his life.

Known for his ability to orchestrate royal pageants on the grandest of scales, and gaining the reputation over two decades as the key man for processions of the highest order, he truly has the experience to take on any project, click here for info


Ajeet has a stable of over 50 Marwari, and regularly provides his horses for International charity groups for their fundraising safaris, as well as hosting and organising riding camps for local schools four times a year.

With a strong passion for keeping traditions and cultures alive, and through his involvement with the major Indian horse societies (AIMHS and IHSI)  Ajeet is adamant that the Marwari horse breed should be preserved. He regularly travels to rural villages to seek out old bloodlines and new stock.


With a true love for his horses, an eye for detail and a zest for adventure, you are sure of a memorable safari with Ajeet as your host and ride leader.

Caroline Moorey 


Caroline has promoted the Marwari horse by organising private safari groups all over Rajasthan for the last 20 years.  Having experienced rides as a client, Caroline understands that a well organised and thought out itinerary, combined with 'special touches', are what make a  holiday memorable. 

As founder and Chair of 'Friends of Marwari / Kathiawari Horse UK', (the UK chapter of the Indigenous Horse Society of India), Caroline has also led the promotion of the horse Bit Donation Scheme to bring about change in the use of the 'thorn bit' still found regularly in use throughout parts of rural India today. 

To prove the breeds stamina and versatility she has also convened teams from the UK for competitions within India, as well as organised educational training camps.

Having kept horses at home in the UK for over 30 years, and successfully competed in most equestrian disciplines, Caroline regularly judges and is very much an active member of the British Riding Club movement, being Vice-Chair and Joint Official Steward of Area 11 (Surrey), and founder committee member of her local club since 1985. 

Caroline's passion for the Marwari horse and Rajasthan is infectious, as is her enthusiasm,  and her aim is for others to experience and enjoy the uniqueness of a breed that has given her so many wonderful experiences.

About Marwari Horses

Marwari Mare

​'Hirkani' mare

The Marwari horse breed is one of five recognised indigenous horses of India.  The name derives from its homeland ~

the Marwar region of Rajasthan.

These horses are capable of covering long distances with good speed by virtue of their strong limbs and hooves. They can withstand intense heat  and adverse climatic conditions.

Marwari are known for their intelligence, spirit, stamina, endurance, alertness, loyalty, elegance, beauty, and animated gait.

They average between 15hh ~ 16hh, are naturally lean, but the most recognised feature is their unique lyre shaped

ears that rotate as well as touch at the tips.

Their conformation, adapted for desert conditions, gives them an unequalled grace and balance, this in turn enables them to excel as sports and performance horses. They are ideally suited to desert safari.
Marwari were bred by the ruling classes as the war horse of choice,

a symbol of loyalty and power, and the breed served these families and the warriors of feudal India in times gone by.  

These horses are on the restricted list for export - just another reason to

ride them with us in their homeland!

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Marwari Stallion

'Meghdoot' stallion

"An absolutely fantastic trip! Loved the horses, the fair, the countryside and we saw two leopards, so much in 2 weeks,

horses, tents and food all first class!"

Balotra 2015 

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